• Casualty & Emergency Services:-
    Location: Ground floor B- Block, of emergency at BMIMS, Hospital
  • Casualty and Emergency services available 24 hours daily throughout the year.
  • Anyone with urgent medical problem can have treatment in the casualty.
  • Depending on the nature of Casualty Emergency which needs medical
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Indoor Department

BMIMSH provides admission in all the departments such as Medicine, Surgery, Obs&Gynae, Pedia, Skin, Orthopedic,Eye, Ent etc.

Medicine and Surgery has 120 bed(60 for female &60 for male).

OBS & GYNAE has separate ward ,labor room and separate OT.

Orthopedics having 60 bed.

EYE & ENT having 30 bed each.

Pedia having separate ward of 60 bed and having advanced setup of NICU.