• Casualty & Emergency Services:-
    Location: Ground floor B- Block, of emergency at BMIMS, Hospital
  • Casualty and Emergency services available 24 hours daily throughout the year.
  • Anyone with urgent medical problem can have treatment in the casualty.
  • Depending on the nature of Casualty Emergency which needs medical
No Upcoming Announcements.
DescriptionPublish Date
Cancellation of quotation invite Notice No. 1246, Dated-04.08.202309/08/2023
Quotation Invite Notice for Essential Drug Supply04/08/2023
Quotation Invite Notice for selection of Drug shop under AB-PMJAY04/07/2023
Quotation for Drug Shop Selection under AB-PMJAY21/06/2023
Quotation invite Notice for Plumbing Material Supply
Quotation Notice Regarding Supply of Orthopaedics Deptt. OT Instruments27/12/2022
Quotation Invite Notice for Surgical Sutures17/11/2022
Important Notice Regarding Objection Compliance of Technical Comparative Chart for Adv. ID. 96176, Dt. 03.06.2022
Important Notice Regarding Extension of Validity of Tender Adv. ID. 96176, Dt. 03.06.2022
Quotation Invite Notice for Mineral Fibre Tile (False Celling)09/11/2022
Regarding Extension of Date for Quotation Invite Notice for Electric Material07/10/2022
Regarding Extension of Date for Quotation Invite Notice for Plumbing Material07/10/2022
Quotation Invite Notice for Electric Material30/09/2022
Quotation Invite Notice for Plumbing Material30/09/2022
Quotation Inviting Notice for RO Water Purifier13/08/2022
Quotation Invite Notice for ENT Department Instrument
Important notice regarding extension of date tender opening date Adv. ID 96176, Date. 03.06.2022
Notice Inviting Tender for Selection of Agency for providing Para-Medical and Non-Technical Man Power on Outsourcing Basis28/06/2022
Notice Inviting Tender (NIT) for Selection of Agency for Providing Paramedical and Non-technical Manpower on outsourcing basis06/06/2022
Important Notice of Tender Cancellation21/05/2022
Important Notice regarding Modular Laundry Tender21/04/2022
Quotation Inviting Notice for ENT Department Instruments22/02/2022
Extension of Date regarding Notice Inviting Tender for selection of Agency for Disposal of Human Fresh Frozen Plasma in Blood Centre15/01/2022
Tender Notice for disposal of fresh frozen plasma17/12/2021
Tender Inviting Notice for Running of Modular Laundry & Providing Services with consumables in Outsourcing Basis at VIMS Hospital, Pawapuri, Nalanda29/11/2021
Important Notice Regarding Tender Notice Inviting for Rate Contract & Procurement of Laboratory Items Amendment14/09/2021
Tender Inviting Notice for Rate Contract & Procurement of Laboratory items ( Reagent, Chemical, Rapid Diagnostic kit & consumables)06/09/2021
Walk in Interview for Additional Lab Technician29/07/2020
Quotation Invite Notice for Stretcher Trolley, Crash Cart, Wheel Chair23/09/2020
Quotation Invite Notice for Emergency Drugs regarding Corona Virus23/09/2020
Quotation Invite Notice for Bipap Mask supply in VIMS Hospital, Pawapuri22/09/2020
Quotation Invite Notice for installation of Air Conditioner & Fan